A Brief Corporate Wellness Case Study

Financial service companies, operating in several international markets, practically work around the clock. They work mostly sedentary, in a constant overload of information (Misra & Stokols, 2012), at a fast pace and in a stress-prone and highly competitive work environment. Employees very often suffer from a lack of sleep (Grawitch, Barber, & Justice, 2010) unregular and unhealthy eating and stress coping habits (Wethington, Glanz & Schwartz, 2015), lack of time for recreational activities (Joudrey & Wallace, 2009) and social connections. Leading to a lack of energy and self-control when it comes to working hours and life-work balance (Haar, Roche & Brummelhuis, 2018), burnout and depression (Ahola, Hakanen, Perhoniemi & Mutanen, 2014). See full text below:


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