Designing a Deductable Corporate Wellness Program is a Profitable Business Strategy

Why designing an effective corporate health and wellness program is a profitable business strategy

With all the regulatory changes especially in the US as well as the ever increasing rise of chronic disease and stress-related productivity loss, this is a big moment for employers to take drastic action in their health and wellness strategies.

Many employers saw a big jump in medical plan premiums for 2015 renewals. As health benefits are discussed daily in the media, they also have become a frequent topic of discussion among corporate executives.

This is the moment that HR or compensation and benefits managers will have to come up with a strategic framework for their health and wellness initiatives and guide their C-level executives, to approve a tax and insurance deductible, sustainable and profitable Workplace Wellness Solution.

Just a couple of loose, disconnected, mandatory feel good programs and workshop won’t do the trick, to generate a return of investment and deliver measurable results.

For a quick implementation with measurable results within 12-24 months, it is advisable to hire a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® to work together with your HR Team to develop a sustainable and profitable strategy, customized to your company vision, budget and size.

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