After a hectic week at the office full of meetings, presentations, emails, phone calls, and eating on the go, not to mention hours of commuting it can be a huge relief to escape to the countryside. Studies show that contact with nature can have an immense effect on your happiness.

Natural spaces have beneficial effects on psychological well being, such as reducing the mental fatigue caused by tasks that require deep concentration. Views of greenery have also been proven to have a positive effect on physical health, for example, by reducing blood pressure.

One theory to explain why we are so drawn to, and soothed by, natural landscapes particularly plants, flowers, and water is that they contributed to our survival as early humans.

Happily, natural beauty can be found almost everywhere, even in cities. A good park can transport you away from the concrete and traffic sounds of even the largest metropolis. Take a stroll along a waterfront. Find some good spots for watching sunsets, gazing at stars plan weekend trips to nature reserves or parks. Fitting in time to spend with nature can be difficult, but if you actively look for natural beauty, you will be justly rewarded.


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