Employee Energy Management

Are your employees crucial to your company success? Make it easy for them to support you with their full potential.

Since the dawn of capitalism, time for money has been the core value exchange between employees and their employers.

But this concept no longer serves either party well enough. Paying for people’s time is no guarantee you’ll also get their energy, engagement, focus, or passion. Conversely, no amount of money people get paid is sufficient to meet their core needs.

For much of the past two decades, the key factor associated with higher performance has been engagement. More than 200 studies have now confirmed a direct and powerful relationship between the level of employee engagement and energy and company performance.

As Certified Workplace Wellness Specialists we can assist and coach your team on how to meet your employee’s core needs and renew their energy on a daily basis. With the result, that they are physically and mentally able to be engaged, focused and passionate over a longer period of time.

How to start? Easy just call me +66 89 2051530 directly or send an e-mail to Judith@coporate-wellness.asia

We offer following 4 month programs for maximum impact, including a 1 year personal follow up with each participant for a special price:

  • Resilience Training Program for Managers
  • Personal Energy Renewal Program for Managers
  • Stress Management Program for Managers
  • Medical Nutrition Programs for Managers

This offer is valid for any booking made until the 01st of December 2017.

See the Harvard Study in regards to employees core needs below.





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