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Employee productivity is where workplace wellness programs yield the greatest returns. This makes sense when you consider that almost every worker, whether or not prone to serious medical conditions, can improve in overall health and fitness to some degree. And with better health comes greater energy and productivity. Imagine what a functional, maybe even fun, workplace you could have if your employees were more fit and healthy

An Australian study found that healthy workers are 3.1 times more productive than others. Healthy employees not only function better at work, but bounce back faster if they do get sick or injured. You might save yourself having to hire more staff in order to make up for the less healthy and productive ones. Numbers alone can never tell the whole story. Your employees probably don’t work in isolation, but either cooperate as teams, advise each other on work, or hold the classic watercooler conversations. The value of each worker extends far beyond any immediate day’s outcome. An employee with a positive attitude, vital physical state, and optimal physical and mental effort can boost the morale, drive, and productivity of the entire office. Worker Satisfaction and Retention.

You might feel that your best employees already take good care of their health, without your help. But that would miss part of the point. Will a top employee be happy (to take an extreme example) carrying the extra load for an unhealthy workforce and dealing with the germs, depressed state, or slowness of their less healthy coworkers? On the other side of the coin, workplace wellness programs have been shown to bring employees together in important ways. Your employees are probably already forming office friendships or mutual support networks. It’s only a small step for them to start influencing each other’s health behavior, perhaps by exercising at the same time or competing toward a goal like regular consumption of five daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

Employees at small or medium-size businesses with wellness programs consistently report that they’re working harder, performing better, and are motivated to stay with the company. Manager’s report that wellness programs improve workplace morale , possibly stemming from the fact that their employees are feeling better all-around and sense that their employer is interested in them as individuals.

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