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Build more Resilience – Workshop Series

Currently, a quarter of all employees view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The World Health Organization describes stress as the “global health epidemic of the 21st century.” Many of us now work in constantly connected, always-on, highly demanding work cultures where stress and the risk of burnout are widespread. Since the pace and intensity of contemporary work culture are not likely to change, it’s more important than ever to build resilience skills to effectively navigate your work life.

The most resilient individuals and teams aren’t the ones that don’t fail, but rather the ones that fail, learn and thrive because of it. Being challenged — sometimes severely — is part of what activates resilience as a skill set.

Resilience is built by attitudes, behaviours and social supports that can be adopted and cultivated by anyone. Factors that lead to resilience include optimism; the ability to stay balanced and manage strong or difficult emotions; a sense of safety and a strong social support system. The good news is that because there is a concrete set of behaviours and skills associated with resilience, you can learn to be more resilient.

So how can we develop resilience and stay motivated in the face of chronic negative stress and constantly increasing demands, complexity and change?

Resilience Training Workshop Series    

Limited for bookings until the 31st of December 2017

We offer the following 4 month programs for maximum impact including a weekly personal follow up with each participant during the 4 months.

Group size:        up to 20 participants

Language:         English

Duration:            90 min per month, over 4 consecutive months

Cost:                   2900 USD/Group, including client customized preparation, monthly action plan and follow up

Extra costs:        Tax, printing, translation travel and accommodation (depending on location)

For further details please contact:

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