Reduce HR Spending’s & Health Care Costs


Many employers that have instituted workplace health promotion and wellness programs have been able to significantly reduce their costs of health insurance as well as workers compensation insurance. Some studies reporting reductions of up to 30%. Reductions in health care costs shouldn’t be your number one motivator for instituting a workplace wellness program. Still, in the long run, a healthier group of employees may successfully drive down both insurance rates and workers’ compensation claims for your business

There are workers compensation carriers that are looking at the question of how wellness programs will improve workers physical conditioning, stress management skills, and levels of presenteeism, improvements which may all potentially reduce workplace injuries. Someone who is fit is less likely to have a back injury. Someone who manages their stress well is less likely to be distracted and cut a finger or otherwise get hurt. So, intuitively, there are very good reasons why a wellness program, beyond traditional safety programs, could work to reduce workers compensation claims

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