Stress Management For Your Team

Stress Management

Approaches to prevent and reducing stress.

Stress is an unavoidable part of life. But learning to prevent and manage it successfully can do much to improve your mental and physical health.

Global statistics about Stress

Team members that are chronic stressed show signs of:

Difficulties to make decisions and think positive reduced co-ordination and creativity, forgetfulness, defensiveness, over sensitive to feedback and constructive criticisms, poor concentration, feeling of unfairness; what can have a major impact on a company’s productivity and competitiveness.

Stress Management Coaching

Group size:                    up to 25 people
Language:                      English
Workshop duration:    90 – 180min (we can customize to your needs)
Cost:                               320 USD per hour, including client customized preparation and follow up
Additional costs:          Tax, printing, translation, travel and accommodation outside Bangkok

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What we will look at:

Understanding the stress response

  • What is stress?
  • The positive effects of short-term stress
  • The negative effects of chronic stress

The importance of stress reduction

  • Genes and the relaxation response
  • Stress & common diseases

The different faces of stress

  • Gender and stress
  • Aging and stress
  • Work and stress
  • What about stress in your life?

Managing your stress through the relaxation response

  • Eliciting the relaxation response
  • Stress reducing techniques and how they work

Expanding your toolbox for managing stress

  • Cognitive restructuring
  • A healthy plate
  • Physical activity
  • Better ways to communicate
  • Nurturing yourself
  • Journals: Managing stress the write way

Our Coach:

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach Judith Coulson is an author, speaker, coach and consultant in Asia and Europe for the last 15 years. Judith has focused her ongoing education and research on the effects of nutrition, lifestyle choices and community culture on well being and health. Her quest to understand how and why people make choices inspired her to study the science of applied behaviour economics, choice architecture and positive psychology for the last couple of years. Judith is Swiss, married and a mother of 2 young adults.

  • Work, Health, and Well-being: Frameworks, Evidence, and Applications, Harvard T.H.Chan
  • Improving Your Business Through a Culture of Health, Harvard T.H. Chan
  • MSc in Positive Psychology and Coaching, University of East London (in progress)
  • Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist, CHWA
  • Positive Psychology and Resilience, University of Pennsylvania
  • Project Management and Planning, University of California, Irvine
  • Behavior Economics, University Toronto
  • The Science of Stress Management and promoting Wellbeing, University of Washington
  • Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, University of California
  • Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle Issues, Stanford University
  • Diabetes Prevention, University of California
  • Preventing Chronic Pain, University of Minnesota,
  • Child Nutrition and Cooking, Stanford University
  • Nutrition & Fitness Coach SAFS, Switzerland
  • Thai Traditional Medicine Therapist, Wat Po Chetawan, Bangkok






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