Why should your employer invest in your health and well-being


According to Dr. Thaksaphon Thamrangsi from the Thai Health Promotion Policy Research Center, non-communicable disease, or also known as chronic diseases, claim the lives of 300’000 Thais each year and contribute to a higher death rate in Thailand than in other countries.

Chronic Diseases, including High Blood Pressure and Diabetes have become the top killers in Thailand, leading to nearly three times as many deaths as all other causes.

This development put’s a great burden on patients relatives financials covering health care costs, burdens the wider economy with early work disability, absenteeism and lower productivity, and costs the government up to 200 billion baht per year.

The World Health Organization categorizes Chronic Disease in four groups — cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes — and has urged countries to find ways to prevent people from falling victim to them.

In Thailand, Chronic Diseases account for 73% of all deaths, higher than the global average of 63%. There has to be an intervention of government and citizens to tackle the problem in the long run and to make a visible and measurable change in this scary development.

The good news is, that Chronic Disease are preventable and reversible, not with drugs but with simple eating and lifestyle habit changes, that can be implemented at any time, but best start as young as in the toddler age.

In 2012 the World Economic Forum in Davos, made the impact of Chronic Disease on the global workforce and productivity a main topic and called it one of the top 3 main causes hindering global economic growth, encouraging companies of every size to invest in workplace wellness programs.

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Why investing in Workplace Wellness?

The success of a company depends very heavily on the productivity and work performance of its human capital, its people. The ability to function, perform and concentrate on a consistent level is greatly enhanced if the employee is physically and mentally healthy and happy.

There is mounting evidence that workplace wellness programs can significantly lower direct health care costs, and increase presentism, productivity and competiveness of a company and therefore make a direct impact on the company’s bottom line:

Employee wellness programs simply make good business sense. Global Research shows that every $1 invested in a well-executed employee wellness programs yields roughly $4 in savings through

reduced sick days, higher productivity and decreased overall health costs. Here are the top 5

reasons to implement a wellness program for employers:


  1. To improve productivity:

The main goal of an Employee Wellness Program is to encourage employees to lead healthier

lifestyles. It is proven that healthy employees are more productive and have increased concentration

and energy levels. Studies show that companies that implement an employee wellness

program have a 51% increase in employee productivity.


  1. To contain company’s healthcare costs

One of the most significant benefits in implementing an employee wellness program is the reduction

of overall company costs. It is hard to quantify what you gain by increasing morale, productivity and

work performance, however the benefits of decreasing sick leave, absenteeism and lower health

insurance premiums, significantly reduce a company’s overall costs. Studies show that

companies that implement an employee wellness program have a 36% decrease in disability costs.


  1. To improve employee engagement and satisfaction

Wellness programs address a wide range of health initiatives. From health screening programs,

nutritional advice, and exercise programs, these programs offer tools to meet employee needs. The

results are clear: healthier employees work harder, are happier, help others and are more efficient.

Unhealthy workers are generally sluggish, overtired and unhappy, as their work is reflection of their

lifestyle. Studies shows that companies that implement an employee wellness program have up to

a 70% increase in employee satisfaction and engagement.


  1. To increase company loyalty

Increased employee loyalty is another significant selling point for employee wellness programs. It is

one of those intangible benefits that you really can’t put a price on. Company loyalty means reduced

costs in terms of recruitment, training and turnover. It also contributes to a more harmonious working environment.


  1. To attract the best talent

Increased employer benefits as a part of the salary package are attractive recruitment tools especially in Asia. If a workplace wellness program also includes benefits for relatives like wife and children even better.

Invite a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist for a general information meeting.  Connect here

Why participating in a Workplace Wellness Program?


Why should you, as an employee, take advantage of a workplace wellness program? Every person has some sort of health risk to varying degrees, whether it’s unhealthy eating, lack of exercise or sleep, drinking, smoking, or even something genetic. Using a program can make positive change happen. Not only will you be more able to complete your job responsibilities, but you will have more energy and vigor to give to your family and friends when you get home.


Workplace wellness programs can help you get healthier, even if that simply means learning how to reduce stress and muscle strain when you are on the job. Depending on what your company offers, it might also help to lose weight, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, sleep better, and save money on prescriptions. Sometimes, all you need is a little motivation to get the ball rolling and a workplace wellness plan might be it.


Another great benefit of wellness programs is a built sense of camaraderie with your co-workers. You’ll have a chance to experience activities with them that aren’t related to work, whether in a walking club or sports team, by having lunch together, or by going to the gym. Social support is a very important part of weight loss and getting fit. By interacting with co-workers, you’ll have others to give you encouragement when you need it, as well as to hold you accountable to your goals. Plus, you’ll be motivated by seeing other’s positive results. By using a wellness program, you’ll be an important part of the team.



Judith Coulson is a Certified Corporate Wellness Expert, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, specialized in drug free disease prevention and health promotion, for individuals and executive teams. Contact info@corporate-wellness.asia for more information regarding Workplace Wellness Programs



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