We show you how to build a comprehensive Workplace Wellness Program

How to Build a Successful Workplace Wellness Program – a 10 Step Process

We are different because we show you how to own and maintain your own employee wellness structure. How to use services and tools without spending a fortune in re-occurring costs and how to use the resources you already have in the most optimal way.

The 10 steps how to develop of a successful and sustainable employee wellness program:

  1. Establish the why, what, when and how of the wellness initiative mandate
  2. Engage management and stakeholders
  3. Build the wellness program infrastructure
  4. Research, analyze and identify employee and organizational needs and resources
  5. Formulate program goals and objectives
  6. Develop the program and evaluation plan
  7. Get the plan approved
  8. Implement the plan
  9. Create a supportive environment
  10. Evaluate and measure the program outcome – repeat

We take a holistic, research, and evidence based  approach to well-being, aiming to improve the homeostasis between body mind and spirit, using the science of applied Positive Psychology and Coaching.

Short workshop options are available

To achieve sustainability, nudge, and influence people to adopt new behaviors and create a painless habit change, we create a culture of health based on the research based science of choice architecture and behavior economics.


For the project planning and development we can follow the project management stages according to the PMBOK guidelines and use similar tools, if suitable for the client.

Let us help you to create a culture of health for you and your organization, to nurture your human capital while increasing resilience, engagement and productivity. 






Where we draw our knowledge and expertise from:

  • Work, Health, and Well-being: Frameworks, Evidence, and Applications, Harvard T.H.Chan
  • Improving Your Business Through a Culture of Health, Harvard T.H. Chan
  • MSc in Positive Psychology and Coaching, University of East London (in progress)
  • Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist, CHWA
  • Positive Psychology and Resilience, University of Pennsylvania
  • Project Management and Planning, University of California, Irvine
  • Behavior Economics, University Toronto
  • The Science of Stress Management and promoting Wellbeing, University of Washington
  • Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, University of California
  • Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle Issues, Stanford University
  • Diabetes Prevention, University of California
  • Preventing Chronic Pain, University of Minnesota,
  • Child Nutrition and Cooking, Stanford University
  • Nutrition & Fitness Coach SAFS, Switzerland
  • Thai Traditional Medicine Therapist, Wat Po Chetawan, Bangkok
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