We show you how to build a comprehensive Workplace Wellness Program

How to Build a Successful Workplace Wellness Program – a 10 Step Process

The 10 steps in the development of a successful and sustainable worksite wellness program:

  1. Establish the why, what, when and how of the wellness initiative mandate
  2. Engage management and stakeholders
  3. Build the wellness program infrastructure
  4. Research, analyze and identify employee and organizational needs
  5. Formulate program goals and objectives
  6. Develop the program and evaluation plan
  7. Get the plan approved
  8. Implement the plan
  9. Create a supportive environment
  10. Evaluate and measure the program outcome

We are different because we take an holistic approach to human well-being aiming to improve 4 different levels of health and energy to achieve the best possible homeostasis between body min and spirit.


To achieve sustainability, nudge and influence people to adopt new behaviors and create a painless habit change, we create a culture of health based on the research based science of choice architecture and behavior economics.


For the project planning and development we follow the project management stages according to the PMBOK guidelines and use similar tools.





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